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Northeast office 5601 Auburn St., Suite B, Bakersfield, CA 93306


West office 9860 Brimhall Rd.Bakersfield, CA 93312


Dr. Kenneth Ricks, a northeast Bakersfield native and owner of Ricks Family Orthodontics, is a fun-loving guy. So we are not your typical orthodontics office. Our mission is to provide healthy and beautiful smiles, but also give you a unique, fun and enjoyable experience along the way. Wait just a minute… fun?!? YES!!! We hope our office will be a place you will look forward to visiting and that during the six to eight weeks between visits you will MISS us. In fact, it is our goal to make your “braces” experience so great that you will want to stop by the office to say “Hi” between visits and long after you have achieved your new smile.

One of the biggest reasons our patients come to see us is that they would like a more natural and aesthetic smile. So, we do our best to make our methods as inconspicuous as possible. We have extensively researched the most aesthetic brackets available and offer many different options to keep you smiling confidently throughout your treatment. We offer the Clarity™ Advanced clear bracket system, Incognito™ lingual bracket system and Invisalign®. All of these systems are designed to give you the smile you want without the traditional metal bracket look. But hey, some people like the metal bracket look… no problem, we have those too!

You will notice, starting at your first visit, that we are excited to get to know you. We want to get your teeth straight, but we hope to become your friend along the way. Our visits are set up so that there is plenty of time to adjust the braces along with time to talk with Dr. Ricks and the team. So, go ahead, tell us about your day, or let us tell you about our day, or ask us any questions you may have about your treatment… we have time for you!

It used to be that braces were just for kids… BUT NOT ANY MORE! We are seeing a huge surge in the number of adults seeking straighter, healthier smiles. With the advances in lingual braces technology, Invisalign and ultra-aesthetic bracket systems, we are able to “Embrace your smile” regardless of the year you were born.

In addition to our state-of-the-art brackets, we also utilize the latest in digital radiographic technology and are continually on alert for technological advances to make moving teeth faster and more comfortable for you!

Give us a call today at 661-412-0188 to schedule your appointment with our orthodontist and learn more about our orthodontic treatments in Bakersfield, California. We look forward to meeting you soon!